Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making the Holiday's in the Hospital Bearable

I was planning on writing this series but not from the inside. Yeap. I am in the hospital having problems with blood infections. My mito body doesn't respond well to many strong medications and the bouncing back to healthy is slowwwwww.

Here are a few tips to help a hospital stay at the holidays feel less confining and disconnected:

Decorate your room!

Take part in hospital activities! Often there will be roving carolers, child life specialist that come and help cheer up your room, service organizations that have Christmas parties for the people there. (of course that all depends on your health)

Skype, FaceTime keep a visual contact going with your loved ones.

If you can have people stop in. Be sure all understand no one that even thinks they might be ill and only for a short time.

I have made a group Pinterest board with my family at home so we can exchange ideas for decoration and cooking idea

Most hospitals now have a way you can send Ecards. Give your mito friend a Ecard shower!

If your mito friend is religious and very traditional do your very best to in some way bring that tradition to them!

If like me you have little ones that are too small to come in video them walking through the house showing you what all they did for Christmas. A video of the morning and wrapping flying through the air will help heal an aching heart.

Now with Amazon Prime you can also send your mito friend Christmas shows via online download (if the hospital has the capability).

Christmas is not about the stuff. The stuff DOES help a person trapped in a beige room with little to no connection to the outside. Also a mito warrior that is awake at odd hours and minutes. Having something in hand will help them focus and know that they are loved.

Merry Christmas fellow Mito Warriors and Mito Families!

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