Sunday, September 21, 2014

Join the Mito Families! Community

Mito Families! is my baby and I spend most of the time on Social Media with it. Helping to keep a supportive and I hope informative place for those dealing with mitochondrial disease.

1- Facebook Page Mito Families! News

2- Facebook Main Group Mito Families!

3- Facebook Group Mom's with Mito

4- Pinterest Board of ideas about Mito and Mito Awareness- Mitochondrial Disease

5- Instagram SpecialNeedsHomeschooling this is window into our everyday life which of course includes mito.

I hope that you come and enjoy some of the social media options. Make friends and find out that you are not alone.

Mitochondrial disease may have a strong hold on us but it does not define us!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Books on Mitochondrial Disease

Looking for some books to help you or your child understand mito?
Here are some great deals I found on Amazon.

First lets start with FREE!
The Gift of the Ladybug by Carol Amber Now lets move on to steeply discounted-- Mighty Mito Superhero by Makenzie Lawrey MitoAction is a big advocate in the mito community. Cristy Bacells is the director and she wrote a more comprehensive book about mitochondrial disease. One note this book is oriented more for dealing with a child with mito. It does talk about adults with mito but not in much depth. Living Well With Mitochondrial Disease: A Handbook for Patients, Parents, and Families

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day of Rememberance- Light a Light For Mito

"Officially on the third Wednesday of every September, families and friends are encouraged to "Light a Light for Mito" in honor and in memory of the babies, children and adults who have lost their battle with mitochondrial disease." from MitoAction's webpage.

 In the mito community if you see a candle lit as a profile pic then we are honoring a mito warrior that has passed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Attention Mito Gamers!

My daughter Bella has a Twitch channel, GamingIssy   Tomorrow evening she is going to have a mito awareness SIMS gaming session.

Come over and show your support for my teen mito warrior!