Monday, September 16, 2013

How do you 'get' mitochondrial disease?

Just to be clear I am not a doctor. I am a parent and patient with mitochondrial disease. I list the resources from where I got the following information at the end of the post. To the best of my knowledge and current medical knowledge this is how mitochondrial disease is passed along through families.


-You can get it through your mother's genetics. Your mother passes down the mtDNA and mtRNA for the mitochondrial organelle.
-You can get it through the genetic passage dominant DNA or recessive DNA a combination of both parents.
-You can get it through a spontaneous mutation when the sperm and egg first met and began to form a baby.
-There are also rare cases of medication so deeply affected a person it causes a medication version of mitochondrial disease.
Here is a good lesson on DNA.

Sources: (mito 101 pdf) (about mito section)

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