Friday, November 4, 2011

Mito Families! is hosting a Christmas Card Exchange!

I am excited to announce that Mito Families! is hosting a Christmas Card Exchange!

If you are affected or suspected of being affected by mitochondrial disease whether you are an adult, teen, or child you are welcome to join our Christmas Card Exchange. This is a worldwide event that based around the love we feel for each other to fight this disease together.

I would like to have us all keep eagle eyes for any person with mito that is in the hospital within 2 days of any of the holidays. We can then send them e-cards via their hospital (if they have that service) so they don't feel alone in the hospital.

There are lots of questions about what is going on and what I am asking from you. Lets keep this SIMPLE friends! Here is the starting place a questionaire I created.

I am open to helping families with the card exchange and with any concerns you may have. You can email me at gfcfmomofmany (@)

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