Friday, October 7, 2011

I have a Gtube

At the peak of Mitochondrial Awareness Week I was struck down. I ended up in the ER on Friday with a PICC line infection. The infection had already jumped to my blood and was causing havoc.

I had staph and yeast system wide :( It took a week of IV antibiotics and anti fungals to get everything under control.

The PICC line was taken out and a PEG tube was put in. I now get fed through a tube in my stomach that can be a G tube, meaning it goes into to the stomach only. Or a Jtube which means it can be extended down into my small intestine.

We are starting with the Gtube option because the stomach is a natural holding place for formula and food and will allow a short burst of larger amounts of food. If we have to go down to the Jtube option I will need a continuous feed because there is no place to hold formula.

Frankly the Gtube option is not going well. My stomach just cannot handle the schedule I was sent home from the hospital on. I have changed down to one of the most elemental formulas and that has helped but not relieved the problem.

This weekend I have two posts that I am putting together by request. One is how does a Gtube feel. Many mito kids have Gtubes but are unable to explain how it feels to their parents. The other article goes with the financial article I wrote last. I forgot to show how expensive and cumbersome supplements can be. Lord willing I will add those articles this weekend!

I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy day!


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  2. I am being fed through Picc line and have Peg tube for decompression bc I have an obstruction in my intestines after surgery 5 weeks ago where a foot of my colon was removed due to a prolapsed rectum. Today I experienced dizzy spells with convulsion/ seizure where I fell twice. Any ideas y this happening to me?