Monday, April 25, 2011

Seizures/ Strokes/ Stroke Like Episodes are common for us :(

Can you imagine a child that takes having a seizure or stroke like episode so in stride that they tell you hours later?
"Mom I had a seizure and made a mess in my pants. I decided to wear a diaper all day today just in case"
That came from my almost preteen child!

There are some promising treatments to help with strokes and stroke like episodes for those of us with mito. For those that don't know a stroke like episode is like a TIA commonly thought of as a precursor to a larger stroke. For those of us with mito these episodes of hemipalegia (one side weakness are paralysis), apraxia (speech problems) and other stroke symptoms can come and go as often as several times a days to occasionally.

My daughter had her first stroke the Halloween she was two. She kept walking into other people's yards and was incredibly tired. The left sided weakness got better over months but never went away :( For me it is my right side, so my daughter says when we are together we are whole and stronger!

I agree together we are stronger!

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