Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to Mito Families!

Hello my friends! I needed a landing place for some of the articles and ongoing work of Mito Families! We will continue to have a monthly newsletter! This blog is just adding to how much we can help one another.

Who will benefit from Mito Families? ANY ONE who is affected by mitochondrial disease. Whether it is you personally, your child(ren), your beloved relative, or best friend.

Mito Families! Goal is connect affected people together geographically and online with one another. Mito is a hard disease to handle alone. Together we are so much stronger! Together we can help through experience, encouragement, and understanding.

I welcome ideas on what to post. Do you feel led to write a post? Go right ahead. Keep it rated G.

Again welcome to Mito Families! blog. I will be adding to the blog over the next few days to make to more of a blog home :)


  1. Thanks for starting a blog! Great design!!


  2. Thank Shawnee! Just trying to help the mito community!
    God bless
    Heather Laurie

  3. Yay for Mito Families! So glad to have found this blog. I collect helpful articles and info about mito at my blog, Mighty Mito Mom.